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sp_admin -> Welcome! (6/12/2003 6:04:13 PM)

We see an increasing number of new members of our forums posting questions for copying XBox games.

Provided the users have in their pocession legaly the original disc, they can usually find the answers to these questions on some of the other forums.

We intend to restrict here conversation on other issues, not mainly connected to CD/DVD recording.


Laffin Assassin -> RE: Welcome! (9/7/2003 1:51:04 PM)

It dosen't look like any of our Users are having any problems with their XBoxes !!! [:)]

sp -> RE: Welcome! (9/11/2003 9:28:11 PM)

Unfortunately (::((), you might be correct on this...

pnonso -> RE: Welcome! (10/26/2003 6:30:15 AM)

Anyone know if you can copy and play xbox games?

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: Welcome! (10/26/2003 11:13:52 AM)

yes you can! [:)]

Although you need a modchip to play the copies, and if you have a modchip installed and you attempt to log on to X-Box live, you are automatically and PERMINANTLY blacklisted. The only way to do both is to have a modchip with an on/off switch installed.

You can also replace both the DVD-ROM and the HDD of the X-Box with common PC hardware with VERY little effort! [:D][:D]

aviationwiz -> RE: Welcome! (11/2/2003 11:26:59 PM)

I wouldn't say that rex. Replacing the HDD may be easy. But the only ODD I have seen put into an Xbox besides the default one is an A06. I hear you have to do a lot of wire splicing as well to even get the A06 in there.

MP3Mogul -> RE: Welcome! (11/3/2003 1:02:02 AM)

Here's some expert advise on XBox Mods, and they look pretty simple as well:


Laffin Assassin -> RE: Welcome! (11/3/2003 1:55:28 AM)

One of the best replacement DVD Drives for the X-Box is the Samsung 616 !!! [:)]

aviationwiz -> RE: Welcome! (11/3/2003 2:56:28 AM)

Originally posted by Laffin Assassin

One of the best replacement DVD Drives for the X-Box is the Samsung 616 !!! [:)]

I wouldn't be too sure. There is a Samsung drive that comes default in some Xbox's, and that one can't even read DVD+R/RW.

MP3Mogul -> RE: Welcome! (11/3/2003 3:40:08 AM)

I am not familiar with which particular model you are speaking about, could you please shed some light on which model it is? Samsung, currently produces the best "reader" drives on the market. Please let us know your experiences.

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