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Xsbalb1 -> Secondary Hard Disk Device 0 not found (3/8/2005 9:38:39 PM)

[8|]My New DVD Burner is ND-6500A, Current Firmware version is 2.02C.

When Dell C600 Laptop BIOS detecting, the ND-6500A Burner is recognized as CD-rom with longer delay. Then BIOS Report Error message "Secondary Hard Disk Drive not found". Then system continue to start the Windows XP sucessfully.

While working under windows Xp, I can scan the hardware changes and found the ND-6500A working at Ultra DMA Mode 2.

I was going to remove the BIOS error message and better let the windows automatically install the DVD Burner if possible.

Actually, I was going to use the 6500Boot and 6500main to fix this as my understanding.
I have Made a Floppy Boot Disk, and start in DOS. but it can not found the DVD Burner (CDROM device) during the DOS.
So the 6500boot can not found the DVD Burner, so I failed to do anything relating to the flashing.

My English is not that good, Looks like some of you have solved this problem perfactly.
Could anyone of you can help with me a step by step procedures, to fix this problem?
I know a correct boot disk is required frist, can any one help?
Note:- I have the file downloaded at the first page of this forum already.

Thanks for your wise direction.

Iggy -> RE: Secondary Hard Disk Device 0 not found (3/9/2005 3:50:29 PM)

Check below, it might help you:

Xsbalb1 -> RE: Secondary Hard Disk Device 0 not found (3/10/2005 9:38:58 AM)

Yes. I did tried everything and still get this errr messae removed, except I did not try the 6500boot.

Because My Dell c600 needs a Secondary master Device. And it only note the "Secondary Hard Disk Drive 0 Not Found"

Thank you.

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