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SiliconFreak -> Samsung 711T 17" LCD Review ! (3/4/2005 1:09:23 PM)

If you are looking for a monitor with top-notch workstation performance or a display on which you to be productive for hours a day, this one is tough to beat. Its price is going to be an issue, but once you judge the amount of time it will save you due to minimized eye-strain and less headaches it just might be worth it. This is a pretty good all-round monitor, but an excellent one for work. Its slightly awkward looks will go completely unnoticed once you are in front of it and enjoying the LCD panel and features like the thin bezel and height adjustability.

Source : XYZ Computing


carlitos -> RE: Samsung 711T 17" LCD Review ! (3/24/2005 10:59:16 PM)

From research I've done over the net, I would totally have to agree that this is a great monitor. I am however confused by the two image versions that are floating around:

link at


Any ideas on this?

SiliconFreak -> RE: Samsung 711T 17" LCD Review ! (3/25/2005 5:07:43 PM)

hello carlitos and welcome to our forum! [;)]

if you want my personal opinion on it is...just listen [8D][:)]...

1. Who cares about how monitor stand looks least i dont...its much more important that monitor has superb overall picture quality and that it protects our eyes as much as possible (multilayer coatings - anti static...anti reflective...etc...) Thats what really least to me...[:)][;)]

2. About Your problem-question...I did a little research on that...and...found out...that its probably possible to change (swap) monitor stands on those in case you go for this monitor...and wish to have some special monitor stand...ask your local distributors about this...(if someone here in forum has one of those monitors or knows more about them...just correct me or give us more info about that...MP3Mogul...You surely must know about that...we are counting on You buddy....enlighten us please...[8D][:D][:)]).

Well thats it...hope someone else could tell us more here...and if you need some more info or anything....dont wait...just ask....afterall thats why we are help each others...[:)][;)]

Have a nice day/night...[;)]

*SiliconFreak OUT*

EDIT: Got more info...[:)]...just check reviews link above...and read it...and you will see that my predictions were correct....WOW...I AM SOOOOOO SMARTTTTTTTT...[8D][:D][:D]

Here is what page 3 of review says...
"From the back of the monitor you can see that the base is removeable and the monitor has 100mm VESA mounting, which makes it a perfect candidate for a monitor arm or wall mounting. This design feature is very useful and further leads me to believe that this monitor is on the work/office side of the LCD spectrum." is possible to change monitors stand-base ! Thats why there are different stands in those pictures...[;)]

Guess thats there something else thats confusing You , carlitos ?! [8D][:D][:)][;)]

carlitos -> RE: Samsung 711T 17" LCD Review ! (3/25/2005 8:59:42 PM)

Well, although I must agree that this is all useful info, what's confusing to me is that the stand that Dell and Samsung show on their webpages seems to be an old Samsung stand, which is not height adjustable nor suitable for pivoting.

However, all vendors claim that the monitor has such functionalites, so I guess that I'll end up buying it online and if it doesn't have what they claim on their tech specs, I should be able to return, or change the stand as you pointed out.

Thanks for all your help! [:)][:-]

SiliconFreak -> RE: Samsung 711T 17" LCD Review ! (3/26/2005 2:26:43 PM)

Hi again carlitos...[;)]

No problem...I am glad if I could help...[:)]

There is only 1 thing I would like to add...and that is...that this Dell's monitor from Your link above (and probably the one from Samsung's homepage also) IS height adjustable and also could be rotated...[:)][;)] (at least what they said at Dell...check out here - check under FEATURES!)

So from all that...I started to believe that all those stands are height adjustable and the base could also be rotated using them...whats different is only their outside appearance...[;)]

Anyway...wish You all the best if You decide to buy one of those babies...and let us know later about how it works in real-life situations...[8D][:D][:)][;)]



carlitos -> RE: Samsung 711T 17" LCD Review ! (4/1/2005 3:37:59 PM)

So I just received the Samsung SyncMaster 711T from Dell, and it comes with the newer inverted 'Y' base. (just like the picture from XYZ Computing displayed at the top of this thread).

This conflicts with the image that Dell acutally has for this item; and same thing at Samsung's website.

It's been only a few hours that I've had it but so far it looks great!

Thanks again SiliconFreak! [:)]


SiliconFreak -> RE: Samsung 711T 17" LCD Review ! (4/1/2005 4:57:41 PM)

Hi carlitos...

I am happy that you are happy...[:)][:D] does look as the picture above...nice! So Samsung and Dell must update their websites...hahaha...[8D][;)]

I have just one more question...does this monitor stand that you have....offer height adjustment? If my predictions were correct...then it must offer that also! Let me know please.

Have a nice weekend...and lots of joy with your new toy...[:)][;)]


carlitos -> RE: Samsung 711T 17" LCD Review ! (4/1/2005 6:01:55 PM)

Correct. The 'inverted Y' base does offer height adjustment. Everything matches to what is described in the XYZ Computing article you point to above.

All the features that are specified at Dell and Samsung correspond to what I got. The image at their websites is the one thing that doesn't match. [:)]

If there are any questions (you or anyone else) feel free to reply.


SiliconFreak -> RE: Samsung 711T 17" LCD Review ! (4/2/2005 3:43:45 PM)

GREAT! Then we finally solve this mystery...[8D][:D][:)]

No more questions from me for I said...enjoy your new sugababe...[:)][;)]

And for carlitos said...Just Ask...[;)]


Bye. [;)]

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