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Harlin -> Jitters and TEAC W552E Write Quality (v1.09) (5/30/2003 9:03:02 AM)

I have some questions.

1. Are jitters only affect on Audio CD Quality? Is there any differences if it's being played in CD-ROM and conventional CD player?

2. Are the write quality has been improved with TEAC W552E firmware revision v1.09?

I'm really looking for your responds. I really like TEAC, but hesitated to buy W552E because of the Write Quality on your review (which is on the best CD-R media: Taiyo Yuden :( ). Thanks in advance.

ant -> RE: Jitters and TEAC W552E Write Quality (v1.09) (5/30/2003 11:35:22 AM)

Jitter is a characteristic of the analogue RF signal produced while a CD-ROM/RW drive is reading a disc. No matter if the disc contains data or audio, high jitter values could lead to faulty data in the final output by the end of the analogue to digital/error correction process.

As for the Teeac drive, I do not think that the firmware upgrade increased the overall quality. Possibly the behavior of the drive could have changed with specific media, but the usage of Mediatek chipset for 52x writing cannot allow major improvements.

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