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Woody -> NEC 3500 Bitsetting Problem with +RW - Please Help (2/10/2005 12:28:10 PM)


This is my first post on the forum though I have been reading it regularly over the past few months. I bought myself a NEC 3500 drive 2 months ago after visiting this forum.

I have been using Verbatim 8x DVD-R discs so bitsetting has never been a problem. Recently, I bought some Ridata 4x DVD+RW discs. The Media Code is RICOHJPNW11. I have used only 1 disc until now.

The firmware I am using is Quickee Version 3 Milestone Release - Extreme based on Liggy 2.18 (supports bitsetting for +R, +R9, +RW). I use WinBTypeV2 and before every burn, I ensure that book type for default and temp is set to DVD-ROM for +R, +R9 & +RW.

The first burn I did was using CloneDVD2 (from Slysoft) where I ripped a single layer DVD movie. CloneDVD2 automatically burnt the disc for me. When I checked the booktype with DVDINFOPRO it was DVD-ROM.

I then completely erased the disc using the format utlity in DVDINFOPRO (selected Full Format) and burnt a data disc using Nero (version (I ensured that default and temp book type is set to DVD-ROM for +R, +R9 & +RW in WinBType2V2 prior to burning). However, the book type shows as DVD+RW in DVDINFOPRO and I can't use this disc in my laptop.

I also tried the full erase function of Nero and Copy2DVD before burning again (using Nero) but the book type still shows DVD+RW.

Ever since I faced this problem, I tried to redo what I had done using CloneDVD2. Unfortunately, the book type now is DVD+RW and DVD-ROM as it was on the first occassion I burned the disc.[:(]

1. Could someone please tell me how to set the book type to DVD-ROM when I burn data discs.

2. Can the book type of my current disc never be changed to DVD-ROM again?


(Sorry for my long post)

emperor -> RE: NEC 3500 Bitsetting Problem with +RW - Please Help (2/13/2005 4:19:42 PM)

I would suggest using either DVDInfoPro or CDSpeed and inside Nero don't use the auto setting

Woody -> RE: NEC 3500 Bitsetting Problem with +RW - Please Help (2/13/2005 4:37:01 PM)

thanks for your reply.

i quick formatted the DVD+RW disc using DVDINFOPRO and then burnt a data disc using nero. It now shows DVD-ROM[:)]

I changed the options (under Choose Recorder) in Nero to Use Recorder Setting. I did not know this because this option does not appear when there is a disc in the drive[8|] When there is no disc, it lets me select Autobitset, DVD-ROM, Use Recorder settings etc.

Is this normal in Nero that the options only appear when there isn't a disc in the drive?


emperor -> RE: NEC 3500 Bitsetting Problem with +RW - Please Help (2/14/2005 3:24:29 PM)

yes i believe its normal

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