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BurnOmania -> XP Horror or its just me ? (5/6/2003 7:21:42 AM)

Damn, I can't believe its almost 3 weeks past since i bought this computer & each time I find other trouble to deal with ... it's really getting me crazy. Hope this one will be last.

OK, just noticed that my Teac 552E CD-Rom can't read something about half of my Audio CD-R, well he can read them, but when is reaching about track 16-17 (1:14:xx min above) he's making some scratch noises & stops playing. Windows Media Player generating me an error like "WMP Cannot read the CD make sure is clean & not scratch...." bla bla

Some Facts:

1. Using Win XP SP1.
2. Using Digital Cable.
3. Tried even with Analog cable ... nop the same.
4. Tried other cd-rom => toshiba. have the same problem.
5. Move my Teac CD-rom to other comp. with XP => same problem ... BUT !!! When i tried it on Win 98 he works great ... all my CD-R r working there.
So I do Believe is something with the system configuration. or any XP Protection ???

BTW: the only CD-Rom that working great on my current computer is LG!! Can play all my CD's ... dont know how to explain this @#$# .. Hope to find some questions here ... Cause i really had enough

Michael Lee -> RE: XP Horror or its just me ? (5/19/2003 5:40:20 AM)

Reading problem is a tricky thing. A friend of mine had problem like yours. He posted his question on a computer forum. Ht was told that the loaction where you have your memory installed sometimes causes problem like that. If you have two strips of 256mb DDR, you may move it to different memory slots. First you may try single strip and see if the problem goes awy. If not, try 2 strips in 1&2, 1&3 or 2&3. Hope this will help.
You have a great system, it should work well. I have a Gigabyte motherboard also, 8IEXP, with 768MB of PC2100 (266MHz)DDR, Liteon LTD163 DVD, Liteon LTR48125W and overclocked Khypermedia (Benq) 48X to 52X burners, 1 IBM 36g and 2 18g Ultra SCSI160 hard drives. I am running WinXP without SP1.
Your problem may be caused by SP1 or the speed of the memory. I am not sure your motherboard will support DDR 400 ram, Anyway, good luck with your trouble shooting.

MP3Mogul -> RE: XP Horror or its just me ? (5/19/2003 1:16:44 PM)

First of all, why use WindowsMedia Player? Get WinAmp, MusicMatch, etc. Also, try disabling the built in burning that is with WinXP. I seriously doubt this is a MemoryChip location problem.

BurnOmania -> RE: XP Horror or its just me ? (5/26/2003 5:47:21 PM)

Thanx guys, I solved the issue. Drop the Teac CD-Rom straight into the seller face [:D] and took Benq. Guess what, the MotherF@#ER is working ... how can you explain that ??? the cheaper cdrom on market working better than the top rated one. damn, all this business weird ...

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