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Iggy -> Small problem (2/7/2005 7:00:56 AM)

Many times happens to get an error about internet explorer, which closes after it.

When I log-in I open many explorers, which are the threads I want to read. However if this error occurs I cannot find two or three days before threads, but only Posts since last visit and Today's posts. This mostly happens after the weekend.[:D] When I want to read the weekends posts. So when I log-in on Monday, I get the error and then if I select Posts since last visit, I read only a few messages, only those I managed to answer before the error, while with Today's posts only Monday's messages.

So I have to search manually one by one all previous messages and most times I forget to reply to people, and they don't know the reason.[&o]

Is this something could be added? I tried form search but neither this helps.


emperor -> RE: Small problem (2/9/2005 3:36:39 PM)

Well our webmaster could update the forum build and see if this has fixed the problem...

btw, i never have seen this problem, but i am using Opera

Iggy -> RE: Small problem (2/26/2005 5:45:08 AM)

I know that the error is ane IE issue, not the forum's. However I just asked if there is any slight possibility of adding this extra search, of yesterday's posts for example, as it was in the old snitz forum.[:)]

MP3Mogul -> RE: Small problem (2/26/2005 2:38:30 PM)

Naw, it's some other error, not IE... I get the same problem, as well I have reported some more problems in the Moderator area. I get these no matter whether I'm using IE or Firefox.... happens just the same.

Iggy -> RE: Small problem (2/28/2005 1:40:15 AM)

So, is it possible to be the forum? strange, it has to be checked.

MP3Mogul -> RE: Small problem (2/28/2005 6:12:39 AM)

Yes it's the forum... not IE, because as I said, I tested it with Firefox as well, and it has the same problems.

Iggy -> RE: Small problem (2/28/2005 10:30:04 AM)

Most times happen when you try to PM somebody, have you experience this?

MP3Mogul -> RE: Small problem (2/28/2005 10:51:39 AM)

No for me it has nothing to do with PM, but that shuts the board down on my end, and logs Explorer, and Mozilla completely off.

I cannot see a bunch of pages of sections when I am logged on. I have to log off the board to see those pages... We definately have some issues building, because it's getting worse.

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