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zubol -> Nec 3520 Device buffer problems? Whats wrong? (2/5/2005 7:05:08 PM)

Hi 2 U all....
Im new here as a member, but I´ve been reading these forums a long time...Nice ..

To my problem:
When i burn dvd-r in Dvddecrypter(tried many versions), the device buffer stays at 96% for about 2 minutes then dropps down to 1-2% quickly, then up again to 96% then down again, and so on....
Then when i burn in Nero6.3 , the device buffer stays between:94-100% the whole burn.

Whats wrong?? it´s not my drive, tryied another one(same model): same problems..

There´s nothing wrong with the discs when i play them, but something must be wrong cause every burner i´ve had so far didn´t behaive like this..

My PC: windows XP sp1(tryied sp2: No differens), gigabyte motherboard, maxtor 200gb 8mb cache, p4 3ghz, 360w psu.

And yes: Dma is on, tryied aspi, Tryied clean install of windows, and i am getting a little bit confused here, could someone please explain to me whats wrong here??[&:]

By the way, I use ´dvd-r ridata 4x purple(ritek G04), and burning speed is 4x.
have burned about 1000 ridata 4x purple with my pioneer dvr 106 succesfully, so there is nothing wrong with these media....

PLEASE somebody... before i trhrew my Nec-3520 to the birds....hehe..

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